Silver Cascades, Mount Victoria


The walk to Silver Cascades in Mount Victoria offers more than a beautiful swimming hole.

Prepare for a steep 400m descent and an even longer (it feels) walk out from this swimming hole at Silver Cascades in Mount Victoria.

Keep in mind, though, that the more arduous the walk in, the more private and peaceful your swimming experience will be.

Even if it’s not swimming season, a walk to this natural beauty is incredibly rewarding.

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The rocky backdrop of Silver Cascades is a stunning sight.

What’s lovely about this pool is the unique rocky backdrop that reflects the light as the water of Victoria Creek cascades down, as well as the numerous natural wonders nearby.

Before you go for a dip I’d recommend walking all the way to bottom of Victoria Falls where the view of the water streaming off a 20m overhang is a spectacular sight. Some people* like to scramble up the rocky ledge and sit behind the waterfall for a time – watching the droplets plummet down, though doing this is not recommended** for safety reasons.

Swimming in the pool at Silver Cascades, however, is highly recommended.


Sitting behind Victoria Falls is a breathtaking experience.

Delaying your dip until after the climb back up to Silver Cascades will make the chilly swim even more refreshing.


Getting there: From the Great Western Highway turn on to Victoria Falls Rd. Follow the dirt road for just over 5km, ignoring minor roads off to the side, until you reach a car park. From here, follow the track to Victoria Falls until you reach Victoria Creek, where there is a sign pointing to the right that reads “Cascades”. Follow that track. To continue on to the bottom of Victoria Falls, backtrack and keep following the main track downhill.

Parking: There is a car park at the end of Victoria Falls Rd.

Distance: 400m to Silver Cascades; 650m to the bottom of Victoria Falls.

Time: 2 hours return, plus time for swimming.

*Including me.

**Not recommended by the risk averse.

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