Lincoln’s Rock, Wentworth Falls

This incredible lookout was only officially named ‘Lincoln’s Rock’ in 2013. Before that it went by a few different names: Flat Rock (it really is a big flat rock!), Wedding Rock (lots of couples have wedding-day photos taken there) and even Honeymoon Rock (if only the cliff was lined with sun lounges and waiters serving pina coladas!). Google recognises all its pseudonyms, but Lincoln’s Rock is the title that’s here to stay.

It’s named after Australian mountaineer Lincoln Hall who lived in Wentworth Falls for two decades and who died tragically from asbestos-related illness in 2012. Hall famously survived a night out in the elements near the summit of Mount Everest at 8700m, and was pronounced dead before being found alive the next day by rescuers (he wrote the book Dead Lucky about the ordeal).

As well as the all-encompassing views of Jamison Valley, which change colour throughout the day as the sun and clouds move overhead, the drawcard of Lincoln’s Rock is the impressive optical-illusion photo you can get as a memento, which makes it appear as though you’re sitting literally on the edge of a cliff. In truth you are, except that there’s a fairly safe ledge just below that would stop you from falling very far. But people who see your photo won’t know that – they’ll just think you like to live on the edge . (NB: no authorities would recommend you attempt to take this pic, and if you do it’s at your own risk!)

A great place to go with a picnic lunch on a fine day.


  • Time: 5 minutes return (plus time admiring the view)
  • Distance: 20 metres
  • Climb: Gentle slope
  • Getting there: From Tableland Rd, Wentworth Falls, turn right on Hordern Rd, then left on Little Switzerland Drive. The parking area is off to your right.
  • Style: Out and back
  • Parking: Parking available.


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  1. Nicholas /

    Lincoln hall wasn’t found at Everest base camp, he survived a night near the summit of the mountain itself

    • Jodie /

      Thanks for pointing that out, Nicholas! Slight difference between base camp and summit 😉 I have updated the post accordingly. Cheers.

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