Pulpit Rock, Blackheath

Get ready to be engulfed by the Grose Valley at this awe-inspiring lookout.

The beauty of this lookout is that the vantage point of Pulpit Rock noses out into Govett’s gorge, giving you the feeling of being completely engulfed by the cliffs and valley.

There are three levels to the rock, and since each offers a different perspective this makes it a serious bang-for-buck lookout (and it’s completely free!).

It’s a 15-minute walk from the car park to the upper tier of Pulpit Rock. There’s a big monument marking the spot, but make sure you don’t stop there. There are two more levels to go!

The path continues up ahead to the left, lowering down to the breathtaking second tier.

But wait, there’s more!

Head on down the final steep staircase to feel the full effect of the 240-degree views.

If you want to add on a short bushwalk, head on back up the track towards the car park and hang a left onto Pulpit Rock Track. Depending on how much time you have, you could walk along here for 30mins or so before heading back to your car.

If you’re up for something more substantial you could walk all the way to Govett’s Leap, which is about 2.5 hours. If you intend on doing this just make sure you have transport arrangements at the other end, or pack enough food and water to last you the full 5-hour round trip. Read more about bushwalking safety at Think Before You Trek.

Back towards the Pulpit Rock car park there is a nice picnic table and shelter with benches and tables – perfect to escape the hot sun or cold wind and have a packed lunch.


Getting there: From the Great Western Highway, turn onto Hat Hill Rd. Drive for 7 minutes (4.7km) then turn right onto Pulpit Rock Rd (there is a sign). Park the car at the end of Pulpit Rock Rd and look for the sign that marks the start of the track.

Parking: There is space to park cars at the end of Pulpit Rock Rd where the walking track begins.

Time: 30 minutes, plus time for viewing/taking pictures

Distance: 800m

Style: Out and back

Climb: 135m


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